Apogee Information


Our Mission Statement: To provide a rewarding experience to any person wanting to further their growth in rocketry, by providing exciting products that teach, as well as showing how fun and safe the hobby can be. We also provide in-depth information about rockets so that customers can make informed decisions about rocketry so they save money. Our motto is: “Your Success is our Mission.”

Why and what we do here is not by accident. Rocketry is ALL we do. We don’t carry airplanes, RC cars, or trains. We specialize in just one thing: “Model Rockets.” Period!

Obviously, you have a lot of choices to pick from for your rocketry supplies. There are literally hundreds of manufacturers and probably thousands of kit re-sellers. But why buy from Apogee Components?

You were drawn to our website for some reason. If it isn’t clear why we’re different from everyone else, I’ll try to explain.

You got this far, and to this particular web page because you had a sense that Apogee really seems to know what rocketry is all about. More than anyone else, we “get” rocketry. Other sites may tell you “how rockets work,” but we show you how much fun you really can have with this hobby. That is probably very important to you — isn’t it?

Apogee Components is located at:

4960 Northpark Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80918 USA

Telephone: 719-535-9335

Office Hours: M-F, 9 am to 5 PM Mountain Time Zone (GMT minus 8 hours). But we’ve been known to answer email questions at all times of the day/night.