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e b2 Rocketry Company was founded by Mike and Pam Barton in late 1996 after their invention of the first SkyAngle Parachute. Tired of fooling around with lots of suspension lines and having so-called “high-quality” parachutes rip apart without cause, we set out to build a rocketry recovery device that was easy to use and dependable. Back then, flat tubular nylon was just coming on the scene as the ultimate shock cord material. We figured that it would also make superior suspension lines, especially if it was sewn in a continuous run around the outside of the canopy! Armed with a number of prototypes, extensive testing was performed at the Orangeburg, SC sod farm (home of Tripoli South Carolina and site of LDRS XVI & XIX) over many months. It was there the spinning tendency of the chute was perfected by design and the inclusion of the now famous heavy-duty swivel assembly took place. Many of the other fliers during those trials commented positively on the chutes and expressed a desire to have one for their personal use. We commissioned our first dealer in 1997 and the rest (as they say) is history.