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The time has finally come, as hard as it really is.  FlisKits, Inc. is now closed for business.  You will notice that the links on this page are no longer active.  My personal schedule changes of late make it impossible for me to continue to process orders at this time, so I have had to take the long awaited step of formally shutting down.I was not prepared for how hard this was going to be.  I am mixed between the excitement of a new stage in my life and experiences, while at the same time having to say good bye to something I created from scratch and has been an instrumental part of my life for nearly 2 decades.

My original announcement can still be found below, for those who missed it earlier.  I will still be adding updates to this page for the next few weeks, and I encourage you to keep watch.  What will be happening next include:

  • I still have outstanding orders back to 19-August.  ALL ORDERS WILL BE SHIPPED!  Most (all?) of you have known me and FlisKits and our reputation.  Rest assured that your order and your money is respected and you will receive your orders as soon as I can get them out the door.  You will receive an email when they go out and please feel free to email me at any time you have a question.
  • GOOD NEWS!  During the week of 9/24 (next week, as of this writing), I will have a limited (about 40) supply of our popular Saturn 1B kits available as I have a shipment of parts arriving this weekend.  When they are available I will post a link to the page here.
  • More good news!  It looks as though I have a party interested in keeping my designs going well into the future, so keep watch on that score as well.

Bottom line is I can NOT thank all of you enough for the support, faith and good wishes you have extended to me and my efforts here at FlisKits.  You will not be forgotten.  I am truly humbled by the experience and am finding it hard to put into words just how I feel.  Keep watch as I will continue to try 🙂

Original announcement below.

…It is with great sadness that I must announce that FlisKits, after 16 wonderful years of exciting operation, will be closing their doors near the end of this year. PLEASE NOTE: With word getting out about our closing, orders have been heavier than usual and may take up to 3-6 weeks to satisfy (some of this is due to waiting for materials to come in for kits we run out of stock on).  As a result of this, the OverDue promotion is now cancelled (sorry folks!)  (Continued below)

Our anniversary has come and gone!

It was indescribable!

FlisKits 16th (and last) anniversary launch